Airtel Touching Lives

Airtel Nigeria’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Airtel Touching Lives has received the Marketing Edge Innovative CRS Leadership Award.

The Telco statement described the initiative as an inspiring CSR initiative designed to provide practical relief, encouragement, hope, resources and credible forums for the liberation and empowerment of underprivileged, vulnerable and hard-to – reach people across the world.

A statement by the Publisher/Chief Executive Officer of Marketing Edge Publication Ltd, Mr. John Ajayi, claimed that the appointment and subsequent development of Airtel Touching Lives as Marketing Edge Innovative CRS Leadership Award was the result of careful analysis and evaluation of CSR initiatives in the country.

He also noted that it is on record that Airtel Touching Lives, now in its fifth season, has been highly creative in its package and distribution since its debut.

“Needless to add, here, that it has also been so impactful and, as such, has gained so much traction with the Nigerian people and communities; as it keeps promoting the spirit of giving, self-sacrifice and love among Nigerians in a unique way,” Ajayi said.

So far, Airtel has touched the lives of over 2 million Nigerians who were directly or indirectly plagued with varying forms of afflictions ranging from health challenges to financial woes.

The beneficiaries of the Airtel Touching Lives initiative are carefully selected from a pool of nominations by members of the public. Airtel, thereafter, offers support/empowerment to identified beneficiaries after relevant due diligence and verification exercises.

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