Singer Muma Gee compared marriage to hell, claiming that there’s no thick distinction between the two because of what she had been through in the hands of the ex-husband, Prince Eke.

When she was interviewed on TV recently, if she will soon remarry and start all over again, Muma Gee used the moment to throw subliminal shots at her former actor’s husband, saying if it is God’s will to marry, so be it, but the essence of the marriage as described by Prince, her ex-hubby made her think marriage is a dungeon.

One man made me hate men, and believe me, because of my spiritual belief, and because I am on a spiritual mission on earth, God will always guide my steps; and if He says I should be remarried, I will be remarried. If he says I’m not going to get married again, I’m fine with that. Marriage was slavery to me;

It is supposed to be a thing of joy, but I saw hell! In fact, as a tourist, the worst place I have ever been to was the London Dungeon. My marriage experience was worse than the London Dungeon, so just imagine me going back there.

Source: Infosive