Ahmed Lawan
It’s dangerous ignoring protesting youths – Ahmed Lawan

President of the Senate, Ahmed Lawan, cautioned that Nigerian leaders would face a huge challenge if they continue to ignore legitimate youth protests.

Lawan, who made this known at the Senate meeting on Monday, said that due attention should be paid to the interests of young people.

He added that what could happen next after the SARS protest might be unavoidable.

“Recently, we had some of our youths protesting genuinely. They were seeking the attention of leaders, and they got the attention of leaders.

“So, our budget, especially for 2021 should be centered on what to do to provide employment opportunities for these youths.

“They demonstrated and protested because they could do so; there are so many other people who may not be youthful but are also in the same need, and they didn’t protest.

“Let’s meet them where they are. We don’t have to wait until they also start to grumble or protest.

“We should be proactive, we should reach out to them and give them what we can and what they need.

“That is the only way that we can make a difference in the lives of the people.

“And for us, elected people, we are going to be accountable. If we escape this one (#EndSARS protests), the other one is inescapable, and I am sure people will know what I am saying,” he said.