Jamie Carragher

Ex- Liverpool player Jamie Carragher thinks that Manchester United should sell Paul Pogba.

Pogba’s future at United remains unclear, with just 11 appearances in the field this season, though he hasn’t appeared for the last two games for the club. Speaking at talkSPORT’s Drivetime broadcast, the Sky Sports pundit thinks the Frenchman was a ‘great player’ and wouldn’t pick the 27-year-old if he was a United Manager.

“He’s possibly never done well in any position or tactical set up that different managers have had. Would I pick him in the Manchester United team? No, I wouldn’t. He’s a huge name, he’s come for a huge transfer fee, but I don’t think he’s a great player,” he said.

“People say he’s won the World Cup and I get that. But when he came in, I thought he might have the impact like [Frank] Lampard at Chelsea, [Steven] Gerrard at Liverpool, Yaya Toure at Man City – those players drove their team to titles, European Cups.”

“When you’re that man who’s seen as the one to take United to the next level, which people might say it’s too much pressure to put on one man, but that’s what we were told was coming. It just hasn’t happened for him at Manchester United. For me, I’d be looking to move him on.”

Pogba, Fernandes partnership

Jamie Carragher also believes Pogba can’t play in the same team as Bruno Fernandes, who has been in fine form since he joined United from Sporting Lisbon.

“Manchester United have to play two holding midfield players because it’s been proven that when Pogba has played in one of those advanced positions – against Crystal Palace and Brighton – you got counter-attacked and it was so open,” he explained.

“Pogba cannot play central midfield because it leaves you too exposed. We highlighted that and analyzed that on Monday Night Football.”

“In terms of playing Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba ahead of one sitting midfielder, like Man City did under Pep Guardiola with [Kevin] De Bruyne and [David] Silva in those positions, we almost imagine that they float around the pitch and did what they wanted. Guardiola doesn’t accept that. He plays a positional game where each player has to be disciplined and stick to their position. Fernandes and Pogba are not disciplined.”

“They are probably two of the most undisciplined players in the Premier League. You can maybe carry one, but you can’t play the two of them. It’s one or the other.”

“I do not believe Pogba and Fernandes can play in the same team, so you have to play Fernandes and he has played really well since he joined. I would be looking to take money for Pogba.”

Pogba’s contract with United is set to expire in the summer of 2022, with the Red Devils having triggered the one-year option on the player’s contract.

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