Tunde Bakare

The General Superintendent of the Citadel Global Church, Pastor Tunde Bakare, called for the regulation of social media in Nigeria.

Bakare said that the danger presented by social media was immense, if not censored.

The clergy said that legislation should be implemented to direct the conduct of social media in the country.

Addressing journalists yesterday in the state of Lagos, Bakare said that there must be freedom with borders in Nigeria.

He said: “There is no free freedom anywhere in the world; there must be freedom with boundary.

“I am not saying curtail them or we can’t use social media in Nigeria. But there is no nation where there are no balances.

“For instance, look at the picture of a drama that was shot somewhere else but was used to say soldiers have killed protesters. Those things can grieve and create troubles.”

He, however, urged the government to listen to Nigerians and make laws “that will be beneficial” to all citizens.

“But we cannot be draconian; we are not going back to Decree 4,” he said.

Bakare had declared that he would become Nigeria’s president.

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