Celebrity pair, Simi and Adecule Gold are definitely one of the cutest couples in the music industry, they always serve their fans with cute pictures that make marriage gorgeous.

Adekunle took to his Instagram page and shared a picture of himself and unbraided hair with the caption, “Wash day”.

Simi upon chancing on this post took to the comment section and lamented that her husband refused to acknowledge her although she is that one that helped him wash his hair.

“As always, no credit. I didn’t know marriage will be like this”. she wrote.

The two tied the knot last year after several years of being together, they also welcomed their first daughter, Adejare Simi, earlier this year.

The birth of their daughter was much anticipated by Nigerians due to the song Simi recorded for her daughter before she was born titled ‘Duduke’.

See the post below;

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