AFCON 2022 Qualifiers
See results of AFCON 2022 Qualifiers of Day 4 matches played

The following are the results of all four qualifying games played on Monday, the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

The remainder of the eleven games of the matchday, the four games, will continue on Tuesday.

The finals will be played in Cameroon in 2022.

Group B:
Malawi 0 Burkina Faso 0
South Sudan 1 Uganda 0

Group C:
Sao Tome & Principe 2 South Africa 4

Group D:
Gambia 2 Gabon 1

Group F:
Mozambique 0 Cameroon 2

Group H:
Zimbabwe 2 Algeria 2
Botswana 1 Zambia 0

Group I:
Eswatini 0 Congo 0.

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