Timipre Sylva

On Monday, Timipre Sylva, Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, clarified the recent rise in fuel pump prices from N158 to N162 per litre to N168 and N170.

Timipre Sylva also said that kerosene and diesel were even more important to ordinary Nigerians than petrol, which he said was mostly used by the elite.

He said this while speaking to State House correspondents at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on Monday, after his press conference with President Muhammad Buhari.

Timipre Sylva said: “Look at it, a situation where diesel has been deregulated long ago, a situation where kerosene has been deregulated long ago, and these are the fuels the poorest people in Nigeria interact with more. Why do I say that?

“If you want to transport food from the north to the south, it’ll be by trucks that are run by diesel, not with petrol. Those trucks that transport food from the north to the south are usually run by diesel.

“Kerosene is the preferred fuel at the lowest level of our society. These have been deregulated long ago. So, what’s the problem with deregulation of petrol, which is mostly used by the elite?

“Let us be fair to this country, let us be fair to the poor people in this country.

“If we’ve deregulated what they were using, then there’s actually no reason why we should continue to subsidise petrol. I feel so. That’s my personal feeling.”

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