Antonio Cassano
Antonio Cassano insists Barcelona made a mistake to release Luis Suarez

Former Real Madrid forward Antonio Cassano is baffled by how Barcelona allowed Luis Suarez to join Atletico Madrid and took the chance of retaining Antoine Griezmann.

Barcelona made some changes to the squad, but did not add any players, but decided to release Suarez, who had been an excellent player for them.

Griezmann is now supposed to step onto the plate in the attack, and Cassano claims that it is not the type of player that he is, and that he will never fill the void that Suarez has left.

“Luis Suárez too old? In my view, it was a crazy idea to let him leave Barcelona,” Cassano said on Christiano Vieri’s Instagram channel via AS.

“He scored 350 goals in six years and I don’t understand why they let him go. And they go and use [Antoine] Griezmann as a central striker.”

Prior to leaving Camp Nou, Suarez easily became Barcelona’s third-best goalscorer in the history of the club and Cassano believes the arrival of new manager Ronald Koeman proved to be detrimental for the Uruguay international and thus became surplus to the Dutchman’s requirements.

However, Koeman insisted that if Suarez wanted to remain at the club, he had the freedom to do so and he would have been afforded the opportunity to prove why he deserved to stay.

“He [Suarez] finally made the choice to leave and I said: ‘If you don’t leave, for whatever reason, then you are just one of the group, then you can prove that I was wrong’,” Koeman had previously stated. “He could have stayed, yes.”

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