Kidnappers wants N100m ransom over abducted Police Officers

Gunmen who abducted a number of police officers who traveled from Borno State to Zamfara on Tuesday are said to be demanding a sum of N100 million for their release.

It was believed that all abducted police officers were in the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and that their families had been approached for ransom by the kidnappers.

On Tuesday, Infosive, citing a BBC article, published that the number of abducted ASPs was twelve.

However, news on the Punch stated that only eight of the officers embarked on the mission, and when the kidnappers hit, two escaped while six ended up in the kidnapper’s den.

“When they were released to go to Zamfara, they scheduled a day for the trip from Maiduguri, but one of them said he wasn’t comfortable with the trip and declined to join them,” the newspaper quoted a source as saying.

“He said he had something to do and promised to join them in Zamfara later. So, the eight others left, but on getting to Kano, the driver said he couldn’t continue the journey to Zamfara, because his vehicle had developed a fault.

“They joined another vehicle and on their way around Dongodaji in Katsina State, the bandits accosted and kidnapped them.

“While being taken away, two of them escaped and one of them was shot in the leg though he didn’t die. He found himself at a village and the villagers took him to a police station and he was taken to a hospital.

“The other six officers are still with the bandits who are demanding N100m ransom.”

Meanwhile, Police authorities are yet to officially comment on the incident.

Infosive News