Kaduna farmers
Boko Haram: Nigeria bound for famine — Kaduna farmers

Following the brutal killings by alleged members of Boko Haram of over 43 farmers in Borno State, Kaduna farmers on Monday expressed fears about the country’s impending famine.

They complained that the number of farmers slaughtered in the attack could reach 43, as many people were still missing.

In a Monday interview, Mr. Yunusa Abdullah, a rice farmer in Kajuru LGA, expressed fears that because no state is safe due to insecurity, many farmers are afraid of going to their farmland to harvest crops.

According to him some farmers in his area have recently been killed while taking care of their farms.

Alhaji Budawaya Atachihankeli also spoke to Infosive, a farmer along the Zaria-Kaduna Expressway, raising concerns about the increased number of armed bandits tormenting innocent farmers.

According to him, “the peasant farmers are the targets of these kidnappers, but they have forgotten that it’s the farmers that produce rice, beans, corn, yam they eat.”

He wondered why gunmen are after the lives of farmers who produce food stuff they eat.

His words: “as farmers, we don’t have any backup like the salary earners. When we plant, we pray for rain. We pray for good harvest, we pray so that no bush animal comes around to eat our farm products. Yet, we are in fear of Boko Haram, gunmen coming to slaughter us during harvest. What have we done to deserve all these?

“We may be facing a severe food security crisis due to the destructive activities of bandits who are not only destroying farms but also killing farmers.”

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