Mourinho and Frank Lampard

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard disagreed with Jose Mourinho, his Spurs counterpart, after the latter claimed that this season they were not title contenders.

Mourinho described Spurs as a “pony” in a horse race after their scoreless draw on Sunday, despite his side being at the top of the Premier League table.

In his response, Lampard said: “It’s Jose’s call to say it as he sees it from his end, but from the outside, they are top of the league. If we’re contenders, then they have to be contenders.

“They have invested heavily, they’ve got people like Gareth Bale sitting on the bench, Dele Alli’s not here. There is a strong squad there. So I think we are all competing, but Jose can say it as he sees it.”

Chelsea and Spurs have been billed as one of the title contenders this season with Liverpool and Manchester City being the other teams that have been backed to give the two a run for their money.

Mourinho has constantly refused to be drawn into the debate this despite some of his players including Lucas Moura and Harry Kane admitting that they stood a chance of offering a title challenge going by the squad and the manager they have at their disposal.

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