Regina Ned Nwoko

Regina Daniels gave us an idea of what she’s going to do if Ned Nwoko makes any ‘wrong moves.’

On her Snapchat, she posted a post reading that if you are with an independent woman and you make any wrong move, they will be prepared to quit.

It should be remembered that her polygamous husband was recently accused of marrying his seventh wife again in the person of an Arab lady named Sarah, who is also close to Regina.

The 20-year-old wife, however, came out to debunk the rumors that, the Sarah lady had no relationship with her husband.

From her post, we can only deduce that she might be into her marriage and all the luxurious lifestyle it comes with, but if Ned Nwoko makes any ‘wrong move’, she will be ready to leave him, which might include bringing in another wife after her.

But looking at how much she has come to love the luxury she’s enjoying from marrying the billionaire, we wonder if she will leave.

Her post below….

Infosive Gist