Ahmed Lawan

Senate President Ahmed Lawan said that the lack of compliance with the Legislature’s resolutions impeded the country’s achievement of good governance.

At the 2020 National Legislative Conference, Ahmed Lawan made a statement in Abuja on Monday titled: “Legislative Investigation Powers, Expectations and Challenges and the Way Forward.”

The conference was arranged in cooperation with HallowMace Communications Ltd. by the National Orientation Agency (NOA).

Represented by the Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate, Sen. Sani Abdullahi, the Senate president said the Legislature alone could not provide the desired good governance to Nigerians.

“It is clear that the National Assembly is pro-poor in terms of what we discuss in the chambers and even during investigations. These are the very important things we do, but we do not have the power to sing our songs, somebody has to sing it for us.

“In terms of peoples’ representations in our motions and investigations; one aspect is compliance with resolutions that come out of it.

“The lack of compliance with resolutions of the National Assembly is a great deficit in our desire to develop and provide services called good governance. One hand cannot carry the entire house; that is why the framers of our Constitution decided to say the Judiciary is there, the Legislature is there, and the Executive is there, and all of us have our various roles to play.

“Democracy must work for our people, that is the only way all of us can have the peace that we so much desire,” he said.

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