Ifu Ennada

Ifu Ennada took to Instagram to ask her fans to beg God to bless her because she thinks she’s trying too hard, but God’s not going to bless her efforts.

She wrote: “Someone should help me beg God. I’m feeling frustrated.

“If only God can just remember me and bless me, I’ll be so happy.

“Sometimes I feel neglected by God.

“Sometimes I feel I struggle so much where others easily excel.

“This year i have invested so much into my business and personal development…

“My frustration comes from the fact that I know God is able to bless me… Why won’t He?

“Am I such a terrible person? Did He not day a little faith was all I needed?

“I’m legit tired of struggling through things.”

“I feel neglected by God” Ifu Ennada asks her followers to help her beg God.

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