Plaqad Firm begins communications platform

Plaqad, a marketing and public relations company, is set to launch a proprietary marketing platform that will allow brands to advance affordable, data-driven campaigns from beginning to end.

The platform provides users with the ability to identify and recruit talent and service providers, launch a campaign, track and assess the success of the campaign and process payments from suppliers, all in one place.

Plaqad launched its initial offering, SocialCred, a free influencer and social media ranking tool in June. SocialCred leverages non-traditional metrics to measure influence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. It provides social media users with actionable insights to grow their influence, while also providing brands with sufficient data on influencers to make informed decisions on which creator to partner with.

Plaqad, first established in 2017, as a start-up within BlackHouse Media (BHM). It was built to connect brands and individuals to bloggers, news websites, publishers and social influencers.

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