Chimamanda Adichie
“Igbos who can’t Unite for presidency are fighting for Biafra ” – Chimamanda Adichie

Chimamanda Adichie, the award-winning Nigerian author, has condemned those from the Southeast who are pushing for Biafra to be actualized, but cannot work towards the realization of Igbo’s presidency.

Adichie said it is ironic that people in the Southeast who cannot unite to ensure the Nigerian president of Igbo extraction are pushing for Biafra’s actualization.

Speaking with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the popular writer insisted that there was no Biafra at the moment.

She maintained that people of the Southeast need to restrategize politically to achieve Biafra.

According to Adichie: “There is no Biafra. There are new movements. But for me, it’s a question of being practical. Where would the border be? What is propelling these movements is a sense of marginalization, which I think is completely valid.

“Quite frankly, I’ve observed the terrible leadership that we have in the southeast.

“Igbo people cannot unite. If for example, we say we want an Igbo president, why then are we talking about Biafra. There is a lot of political work we need to do in the Southeast.

“We need to do a lot of rethinking on how we can strategize politically before we can talk about Biafra.”

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