Frank Lampard

Chelsea’s boss, Frank Lampard, said his squad lacks a pitiless streak and he doesn’t have enough “killers” despite their 4-0 home win over Morecambe in the FA Cup.

The victory was needed as a booster of confidence, with a strong XI against the League Two side on Sunday.

Timo Werner ended the 13-game dry goal and Kai Havertz also scored for the first time in 15 games.

It also came after a poor run of form that saw the Blues win just one of their last six league games.

Lampard, speaking to the media afterwards, identified a lack of a killer instinct.

“What we can’t ask the youth of this squad sometimes is to be absolutely consistent and be killers, like other players in the league are in terms of the numbers they produce and consistently produce.

“That will come for our lads but at the moment their contributions are good.

“I mean killers in the best possible terms and I hope people know what I mean,” he said.