GLO night plans

GLO night plans: With Glo’s unique night browsing plan, Glo probably has the largest number of internet subscribers in Nigeria. The latest statistics released by the National Communications Commission (NCC) also support that fact.

They do not seem to plan to allow any other telecommunications network in Nigeria to overtake them as they offer the cheapest data packets in Nigeria, in fact, more than 100% of what other Nigerian networks offer the same time.

Imagine if your usual plans were so cheap and came with large amounts of data, what would be the volume size of your NIGHT PLANS? They have great overnight packages, depending on your needs or the way you plan to use it.

GLO night plans and how to subscribe

Glo Nigeria currently has three different plans that have night plans, have different amounts of data, validity period, and access time.

Glo night plan, Just a night plan

This plan is only available from 12 a.m. to 5 o’clock in the morning, and only one bundle was attached to it. The validity period only applies to one night, so whether you end up using the data that night, it expires at 5 a.m. The same day you subscribe to it.

  • 1GB package at night only
  • Price – N200
  • Data volume: 1 GB
  • Access: 12am to 5pm
  • Validity period – 1 night
  • To subscribe via SMS: send from 60 to 127.
  • USSD subscription code – * 127 * 60 #.

What you should know:

You don’t have to leave your current tariff.

Unlike other telecommunications networks like MTN and Airtel, which require you to switch from your current tariff to take advantage of their overnight plans, with GLO, you don’t have to leave your current tariff to subscribe to the Glo Night plans.

If you finish the amount of data assigned to your Night plan subscription before 5 a.m., you can always subscribe again to the same night before 5 a.m.

If you already have a normal data subscription, the night package is automatically activated at the specified time. Your usual data would not be touched.